Support Your Local Theaters

This Saturday I went to Cultural Arts Playhouse to see In the Heights. The whole cast from the main characters down to the ensemble was fantastic. This performance was really special because I had never seen In the Heights live before and because my former classmate Tyler, who I hadn’t seen in 10 years was Benny. I kind of knew he was talented, but not could-possibly-outsing-Chris-Jackson talented.  Everyone else was on point too.  It was a really great show all around, but it’s only running until next week, so get tickets soon.

Anyway, I love going out to theaters on Long Island.  I’ve lived here my entire life and there are actually quite a few theaters out here, but I feel like not a lot of people know about them, or at least not a lot of people my age.  I love going to the shows, but I just wish more teens and young adults would come out to them.  Also, while I love Broadway, I’m always going to try and visit theaters near me because they’re relatively cheap, put on great shows and they’re closer than the city.  More people should take advantage of theaters around them because with the right people in the show, theater will always be a truly amazing experience, even if it’s not Broadway.

Musical Theater Inspirational QOTD: “You are enough.  You are so enough.  It’s unbelievable how enough you are”-Sierra Boggess


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