Teach ‘Em How to Say Goodbye: Shows that Ended way too Early

     Phantom of the Opera has been running on Broadway for 28 years and some months, making it Broadway’s longest running show.  Unfortunately, not every show has this kind of luck.  Here are a few that didn’t last long, but were really great.

     1.  Tuck Everlasting– For me, this was one of the saddest closings ever announced.  This show’s music is so lush and captivating and I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to hear it live.  This production only lasted for a month and some change and got so overlooked this year, even at the Tony’s. I’d love for them to bring it back, even though it’s not likely, just so I can see more of that stunning child actor, Sarah Charles-Lewis, who made her debut in it.

     2.  Shuffle Along– This show shuffled off Broadway way too fast. I was really looking forward to seeing it because the cast gave a stellar Tony’s performance.  From what I read, the early closing was due to Audra McDonald’s approaching maternity leave.  I would have gladly seen the show with or without the star, but I guess others didn’t feel the same way.

3.  Holler If Ya Hear Me- This infamous Tupac inspired musical met opposition from two groups of people; Broadway nerds thought it was “too hip-hop” and Tupac fans claimed it was “too Broadway”.  Too bad not every rap-fueled show can find that balance.  Sadly, it only played for a month.

     4.  In the Heights– This one wasn’t a flop or anything, but a three year run is far too short for such a fun and energetic show.  There is a movie in the works, so we shouldn’t lose hope, but as for the show itself, it doesn’t look like they will bring it back any time soon, but they need to. For real though.

5. The Addams Family– Literally everyone can snap along to the TV show’s iconic theme song, and the Broadway show invokes nostalgia in people who grew with it. The story in this show is a little different because now, Wednesday is grown up and in love, but it still has the power to bring back memories and it has some of my favorite songs to belt along to.  Unfortunately, it lasted about a year and eight months on Broadway.

Are there any shows that you think should have lasted longer?  Let me know!

Musical Theater inspirational quote of the day: “There is a life about to start when tommorow comes”- Les Misérables  


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