Kissing The Color Purple Goodbye

     Today is the day Broadway bids farewell to one of its most emotional shows and one of my personal favorites, The Color Purple. I was fortunate enough to see this riveting revival twice (Thanks, Adelphi!) and both times were amazing, especially the second time.  The second time was Heather Headley’s last show as Shug Avery, a Broadway first for me.  I had never seen an actor’s last show before, and these are known to be really emotional.  You could just feel that it was a special night; it was in the way the audience applauded her entrance and her big number, the silence in the room during her more emotional scenes where you could tell everyone was captured by her every word, and the way they laughed at her impeccable comedic timing.  She bought Shug Avery out in a way that I had never seen before.  Her sadness was more sad, her brokenness was more vivid, and the funny parts were even funnier.  Even her chemistry with Cynthia Erivo was perfect, from the way they embraced to the way their voices blended together.  Heather was sexy and fun, and at the same time, sweet and tender.

The rest of the cast was phenomenal as well, and their voices never fail to blow me away.  I got to see most of them at the stage door and they were all so warm and welcoming!  I got many signatures and the somewhat long wait was worth it.  My mom even bought Heather some stage door gifts, Trinidadian flags and mints, since they’re both from Trinidad.

I will miss this show not only for its beautiful music and equally beautiful story, but for the inspiring cast as well.  They all overwhelmed me with their talent and the obvious connection they had with each other.  I’d like to wish happy trails to every single cast member, and a happy 30th birthday to Cynthia Erivo!

If you saw this show, let me know what you thought of it in the comments!

Musical Theater QOTD: “Even the smallest voice can make a harmony”.-The Color Purple


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