Sugar, Butter, Birthday: I Finally Saw Waitress

Last week, I treated myself to a showing of Waitress for my 20th birthday.  I’d been dying to see this amazingly sweet show ever since I heard that Sara Bareilles was penning the score.  The entire experience did not disappoint.  The theater smelled of pie as soon as I walked in: warm, inviting, and delicious. Sara Bareilles is such a masterful songwriter, and I was blown away by how each song, like the pies Jenna pours her heart into, was perfectly crafted to convey what the characters were feeling at each moment.  Every song captured exactly what it was supposed to capture and made you feel like you were in the characters’ heads.

The story line was pretty much the same as the movie, but there were added background elements and character traits that made the story much more interesting and fun.  I also loved that they used real food on stage; it made the whole production even more authentic.

Both of the leads that night were understudies, but that didn’t put any sort of damper on the show.  It looked as if those two had been performing together every night for years.  Everything about this show was great and I would definitely go back.

If you saw Waitress, let me know what you thought about it!

Musical Theater QOTD: “If no one loves me now, someday somebody will”.-Heathers the Musical


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