The Time I Went to Broadway Con

Broadway Con is a theater-lover’s dream come true.  If you are theater fan who enjoys being around people who share your passions and who aren’t afraid to geek out and have big dreams, then this is place for you.  Broadway Con is an incredibly inclusive and warm environment where I felt like I could truly be myself.  Within a few minutes of walking around, I felt at home among the well-thought out costumes, the posters and other merchandise for sale, and the constant singing.

The panels were another thing that I loved, and they were just as fun as walking around and taking everything in.  This convention had something for everyone.  There was information on everything from teaching theater to songwriting.  I attended a theater teachers’ meetup, a panel featuring songwriters like Kate Kerrigan, a panel about the then new to Broadway a capella show, In Transit, and a talk about Asian representation in theater hosted by one of my college’s professors. These panels were great because not only were they informative, but no one was afraid to ask questions and get engaged.

Meeting Broadway stars was also part of the fun here.  I knew I going to meet Daisy Eagan and child Broadway actors Sydney Lucas, Jake Lucas, and Sarah Charles Lewis, who were all adorable and sweet, but I hadn’t planned on seeing Iain Armitage or Sierra Boggess there.  Sierra showed up unannounced and I got a free autograph and picture with her by waiting on a line, while Iain, the world’s most adorable theater critic, had been happily skipping around in tap shoes the entire day, and I just walked right up to him and started talking to him.  He and his mom are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Then there were the fun mainstage events, like the Kinky Boots panel, the Broadway Con Star to Be talent competition, and the dynamic Lesli Magherita’s variety show.  Todrick Hall was a riot at the Kinky Boots panel and I would love to interview him someday.  He just oozes charisma in everything that he does.  I loved every single person who showcased their incredible voices in the talent competition, and while I didn’t see the person who won, I’m sure they did an amazing job.  As for Ms. Magherita’s variety hour, all I can say is, WOW.  I never thought I would want to see a comedy show, musical, and motivational speech all in one, but Lesli does all of these things effortlessly and effectively.  Her show was jam-packed with hilarious musical numbers, like this Star Wars bit, surprise celebrity guest stars, like Josh Groban, and a ton of energy.  It was the last event that I attended, and it was great way to cap off an overall amazing day.

I hope every theater-lover like me gets a chance to attend this awesome convention.  It’s a little pricey, but so worth it if you’re a huge theater nerd.  Let me know down in the comments if you’ve been to Broadway Con or plan on going and what you think of it.

Musical theater inspirational quote of the day: “Change will come, one day, someday soon.”-The Hunchback of Notre Dame


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